Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 1

Well, my first workout is DONE!  It took me only about 30 min to complete. I sooooo want to add in another set (4 instead of 3) and incorporate cardio, but I am going to follow this plan… She (Jamie Eason) is one of the best in the business and I trust her and this process.  I am sure the workouts will become more and more challenging as the phases progress. For now, I will work on increasing the resistance. I am a stickler about form though.  I will never sacrifice form for added weight.  My strength has decreased SO much. L  I guess being pregnant and being put on partial bed rest at 6 months will do that. Wow… That means I haven’t worked out in almost a year…. Eeks.  Oh well, I know muscle has memory and over time with consistent efforts, my strength will come back J Crossing fingers…………………………….


Yesterday, I baked a double batch of Turkey Meatloaf muffins. I kept some in the fridge and froze the rest.  I had a ton of extra chicken I baked on Thursday so I won’t have to cook that again for a couple days.  Regarding the diet since I am still nursing, I will have to add more calories in to the regimen.  All will be clean foods of course.  Too bad I can’t add in a few trips to Uswirl, eh? Mmmmm….  Tonight my family and I are going to the fair…. What a day to start this on, eh?  True test of my dedication for sure.  ;)  Another challenge?  I am driving to Idaho Falls on Thursday for my sister in law’s baby shower.  My weaknesses are sweets and carbs….  Pretty normal, right?  Especially for a woman….  The fair, a road trip, and a baby shower all in a week should hold a lot of opportunities for me to be strong-mentally and physically.  On a side note…My son’s Birthday is in September and you can bet your biscuits I will be eating a cupcake that day.  Just a warning.  


Off to bed… I am one tired mama…  Sweet dreams and cheers to another kick ass day tomorrow.



PS- I realize this is a lame post… I wrote it in about 5 min increments throughout the day.  One of those days….

PPS- I was awesome at the fair and stayed far, far away from the yumminess. ;)


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